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 Brake Anchor 70-76 Used
Brake Anchor 70-76 Used
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Z Specialties Online Store  Z Specialties Online Store
 Door Lock 70-78 Rebuilt

Price: $64.95
Buy Now
We rebuild the door locks ourselves and can do them to any key code we want to. Yours or ours, just let us know. There are a few stipulations in getting door locks rebuilt so please be sure to read the text in our listing for door locks. We also rebuild ignition locks for the z's that use dual sided keys, and 280 zx's, and we can recode and refurbish most hatch locks. See listings or send us an e-mail.  ...... 
 125 Amp High Output Alternator

Price: $289.95
Buy Now
These plug'n'play high output alternators are exactly what every datsun needs. We sell two different models, the 125 amp and the 140 amp output. For the externally regulated vehicles you unplug the voltage regulator and remove it. It's that simple. These HO alts will completely eliminate the brown out effect at idle that ALL Datsuns have. Besides fitting L engine Z cars, these units fit the A series engines and Naps/Z series engines. Another Z Specialties exclusive. We also sell a version for the L4 engines and even the Roadster. See listings.  ...... 
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We are experiencing a major gliche on our store. On some operating systems it doesn't show any parts listed on all the different headings. If your system shows all 1700+ items still listed then you have a green light to order on our store.  If there is something you need or are looking for, and can't find it listed, then please send us an e-mail request or leave a message on our voice mail and we'll return your call as soon as we can. That info is listed below. We are still open for business during the work week and have a large inventory of new and used parts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you. Thanks for your patience. Z man

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, NFC CHAMPS 2014-2015! GO HAWKS!!!! Looking forward to an awesome season in 2017.

Welcome to Z Specialties Online Store

As of April 2013 we moved out of our highway 9 location in Clearview that we've been in since 2001. We now have 2 new locations but I can only be in one place at a time. We have a parts storage warehouse in the town of Monroe where we store most of our parts, and are also sharing a building with Accurate Auto at 501 Avenue D directly across from the high school in the town of Snohomish where we do our servicing, shipping, and receiving. Please remember that at least for the time being, all local parts sales and service are by appointment only. Please call before coming by, I'm not always at the shop, and you'll have to deal directly with me.

 If you need new or used parts, we're here to help you in any way that we can. We have a large inventory but only a fraction of it is listed on our store. If you can't find what you want feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Please glance over the entire front page before ordering through our store!

 If you ever have any problems locating something on our store, or experience any problems with navigation or checkout, please call us during business hours or send us an e-mail notifying us of any  and all problems so that we may correct them asap. Thank you


This business is what is commonly referred to as a mom and pop store. For bio's on the owners go to our other website listed below. Mom's been working here since 1997 and Pop's been repairing and building z's since 1978.  We sell factory Nissan parts, many brands of aftermarket parts and accessories, used parts, and even do some designing and manufacturing of parts ourselves.  We also deal directly with certain manufacturing companies in developing new items for these cars as well as parts that have gone obsolete. We do sell many specialty items, but only after we have critiqued the quality control of each item.  We no longer have any employees so you'll be dealing with us directly, not a phone robot.


Feel free to browse around, but keep in mind that these prices
are mail-order only. In store pricing may vary. NOTE: WE HAVE A $10.00 MINIMUM ORDER COST WHEN PLACING ORDERS ON OUR STORE. NO EXCEPTIONS! That 10.00 minimum rule is for the cost of parts only, it does not include shipping in that figure.
 Here at Z Specialties, we only sell quality products. While we deal primarily with the z car from 70-89, we also deal with Datsun trucks from 68 to 85, all the Datsun cars in the 70's, the Datsun Roadsters, and the 200 SX's from 78-85.
We believe that the Z cars are quality cars, and so they deserve quality parts. Our store is not a fully automated store. Our store will automatically take your order of course but that is where the automation stops. We will usually retrieve your order manually the next business day. Then your order will be processed manually by one of us at our physical location. On regular stocked items we don't usually charge your credit card until your order is ready to ship. On special order parts we usually charge your card a deposit before we order and then charge the remaining funds once your order is ready to ship out. All sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges is our policy. In the unlikely event that we do accept a return, it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. The only exceptions are if we send you a part you did not order. "Make sure that you need what you order and only order what you need." In the unlikely event that your part is damaged in shipping, please notify us immediately, save the package and all packing material. In the case of UPS we have to file a damage claim and they usually will want to see all packing material the package itself, and the damaged merchandise.  

Parts Listing Status

If you look at the end of each listing you'll notice that it says Last update with a date after that. Example: Last update 04/11  That refers to the last time that we updated the information on that specific listing. This tells you how current the posted price is as well as the inventory count. Prices are subject to change without notice. As we come to the end of 2016 we have almost 1700 items listed on our online store. Keep in mind that we have over 6500 items listed in our database so if there is something you want or need and can't find it listed on our store, feel free to send us an e-mail request. We'll respond to you as soon as possible with a price and availability on that part providing that we sell it. While we try to answer all e-mails within a day or two during the week we aren't always able to for whatever the reason. If you haven't heard back from us concerning your request within a week then feel free to contact us again. It's always possible that we may not have received your e-mail.


We have a 60 day time limit on all core returns. That gives you 60 days from date of purchase to get the cores back to us. Take longer than the 60 day limit and the core charge WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. All cores must be complete and fully assembled. All cores must be rebuildable, fully assembled, and undamaged. The rebuilders will not accept a core from us unless it meets these guidelines. When returning a core you must return the pink copy of the invoice, or a photo copy of the invoice. We refund your core charge in the same manner that it was paid. Make sure that if you return to us by US mail that you use our post office box listed below. If you return to us by Fed/x or UPS then you have to send it to our physical address.


WE SHIP UPS EVERYWHERE and our store only estimates UPS shipping rates. The store does not give you a shipping quote, it is only an estimate. In many cases the estimator is a little bit higher than what your charge will actually be. In some cases it can be quite significant, but that will be corrected manually by us when we process your order. We have limited control over what the store shipper estimates and there are way too many variables to make it more accurate. If the estimate is too low, (which rarely happens), we'll contact you first before shipping out to you and let you make the final decision. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR E-MAIL OR YOUR ORDER ON OUR STORE A DAY OR TWO AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER AND SEE IF THERE IS AN E-MAIL FROM US MARKED "CONTACT Z SPECIALTIES". If there is, that means we won't usually ship your order out until we hear back from you. When we get your package ready to ship we will load your info into the UPS calculator and will come up with an accurate price that you will actually be charged. We do not ship on weekends. NOTE: Sometimes we'll ship postal on smaller less expensive items and that is up to our discretion. More info on shipping postal is provided in the next section.


Some smaller items we can ship via the postal service inside the U.S. but it is up to our discression. We know the most efficient and cost effective ways to ship particular items. Shipping costs via USPS can be as low as 6.50 for certain items regardless of what the store shipping estimator says. Some items are already marked that they can ship postal for a specific amount but you MUST let us know that you prefer that method. If you prefer USPS then put a note in the comment section of the order form stating your preference. Anything over 5 lbs. is usually better to ship it UPS if the destination is inside the lower 48 of the US. When shipping to Hawaii or Alaska we try to ship postal most of the time. If you have a problem with the shipping costs that our store estimates, feel free to put a note in the comment section of the order form stating that you'd like confirmation on the shipping costs before proceeding with your order. Be advised that when we ship USPS there may be a delay in shipping because we have to make a special trip to the post office. NOTE: We rarely ship postal during the month of December due to the long lines in the post office. If there are long lines when we go to the post office we'll have to come back another day.

If you place an order that involves shipping items to you from our location as well as other items that are being drop shipped to you from the manufacturer, be advised that the drop shipping incurs a separate additional shipping charge and the estimate that our store provides does not automatically include that feature. Most items that are being drop shipped are marked on the listing that they are a drop ship item. NOTE: We do not drop ship outside the lower 48 states. This means that the item ships to us first and then we ship it to you. This incurs the same additional shipping charge as a drop ship.


We now have an agreement with a shipping company to ship engines and transmissions. Cost ranges from 300.00 to 700.00 to ship one pallet worth of engine or trans anywhere in the Continental US except Alaska. The cost depends on the combined weight and how far the destination is away from us. In most cases they can ship right to your door with a lift gate truck. Call or e-mail us for pricing.


To ship outside the US there are some special rules that we adhere to. First of all, out of country orders have a 25.00 minimum purchase order price tag. Second of all we charge a brokerage fee to ship out of country and that fee ranges from 15.00 to 50.00 depending on the order. This charge is to cover some of our time that it takes to fill out customs forms and make a special trip to the post office during business hours. It takes us 40 minutes to drive to the post office and back again. When filling out these forms they allow 4 different parts per form and we charge 15.00 per form.

We do have a small list of shipping hubs on our side of the border that we can ship your order to if you'd like. Then you can drive across the border to the hub and pick up your parts. This will keep you from having to pay sometimes huge brokerage fees and higher shipping rates. Most shipping hubs charge you 5.00 for that service. If we ship your parts to an address inside of Washington State, we have to charge you state sales tax according to that destination even if you live in Canada. For those of you that live on Vancouver Island, we can also arrange shipping via the Victoria Clipper if that would be easier for you. For those of you in the Scandanavian countries we know of a company that does special shipping to those countries. We ship it to them on our east coast and they deliver to you. You have to book the shipping with them directly and we can put you in touch with them.   Call or e-mail us for more information. Keep in mind that the shipping estimate prices that our store lists for parts going to Canada is frequently too low. Some things we can ship via the postal service for you and save you some money, but that is up to our discretion. For US orders the store estimator runs from ok to a little high most of the time. If it's too high we will correct it when we actually charge you for your order. If we ship to Puerto Rico via the postal service at least on smaller items the shipping is usually very reasonable and we don't have to fill out customs forms so we don't have to charge you for that service. If we have to ship there via UPS then that is the same procedure as out of country so customs forms charges will be incurred.  If you live outside the U.S., we try to ship postal whenever we can to save you money.

When shipping outside the north American continent we can now ship via a world wide shipping company that usually ships right to your door and is more reasonable than UPS. For price quotes on specific items you'll need to contact us via e-mail.


It's ok to call us from outside the US as long as you speak English. Please don't expect us to call you back if you're outside the US other than Canada. Our phone company charges us too much for calls outside North America therefore we've had to cease making those kinds of calls. If you can't reach us by phone then you'll have to contact us via e-mail. We will return your e-mail inquiries as soon as we can. Remember that sometimes e-mails get lost in cyberspace, so if you haven't received an answer within 5 business days then send us a second e-mail asking us if we received your inquiry.


We accept Visa, Mastercard,  Discover, and American Express from all US banks. We also accept Paypal inside the US and from most countries in the world. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ISSUED BY BANKS OUTSIDE THE USA. This is due to the fact that the processing companies will not guarantee payment to us from other countries and people have taken advantage of us in the past. From other countries the ONLY way to purchase through our store is to pay by paypal. If you don't have a paypal account just log onto and you can set up an account just by following the prompts. Our paypal account is the same as our e-mail address listed below. We also accept Cashiers checks & Money orders from inside the U.S.A. only, and even then they're subject to prior approval.  At least one week delay on all orders paid by Cashiers check & Money order's until they clear our bank.

                                                                            State Sales Tax

We charge sales tax on all retail sales that are sent to an address inside the borders of Washington State only. All other states and countries are tax exempt to us. Our store does not automatically charge you sales tax when you place your order. That will be charged by us at our physical location when we manually process your order. The sales tax rate that will be charged to you is based upon the destination address that the parts are sent to. This is per state regulations. If you have paid by paypal in advance and it wasn't enough to cover the sales tax, we will contact you as to the amount owed and you will need to make the remaining payment in full, BEFORE we will ship your order. Be advised that shipping costs are also taxed at the same rate under the same conditions.

We have literally thousands of new and used parts that are still not listed in our store.  We're adding more parts as fast as we can. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to send us an e-mail request or call us during business hours. We thank you for your patience.


                                                        CONTACT INFORMATION:

  If you have any questions about ordering parts or if you can't find a part listed please send us an e-mail to  zman@zspecialties ""REMOVE THIS"" .com  Please note the ""REMOVE THIS"" in our e-mail address. This must be removed or we will not receive your e-mail. We do this to help keep spam down on our e-mail account. Our mailing address when shipping postal is POB 685 Snohomish, Washington 98291 or you can ship to our physical address, BUT before shipping to our physical address you must contact us first by phone or by e-mail. Our hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday but please contact us first before stopping by for any reason. I'm not always at that shop. Closed most legal holidays. If the 5th of July falls on a weekday, we'll be open that day from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. To visit us in person, come into our shop to purchase parts, or bring your z in for service, you MUST call us first to make sure that we're available at that time. Sometimes I'm at the warehouse working and not at the shop, or I could be out locating parts somewhere.

If you prefer to call us, you can reach us on our landline at 360-668-2979 or my cell 206-363-3577. The landline is preferred.  We have disconnected our 1-800 number and it is no longer used after December 24th, 2012.                            

 You can also visit our other website Keep in mind, that site is not being managed right now but it does have some useful information on it.

                                                        TECHNICAL SUPPORT:

In the past we've offered tech support on diagnostics at no charge to our customers. We've given away hundreds perhaps thousands of hours each year. We can no longer afford to do this so as of 8-4-11 we now charge a minimum of 100.00 for diagnostics over the phone or by e-mail. This fee is for one phone call or e-mail only. A second contact will constitute a second charge. This fee does not apply to tech support specifically related to a part you recently purchased from us. We're sorry we can't help you with free diagnostics anymore, but if we were to keep doing that it would eventually put us out of business. That won't help anyone of us at all.

We also carry a wide range of specialty items, ranging from custom tailored sunshades,
leather steering wheel covers, driving gloves, body gaskets, stock and custom interior pieces, custom air brushing and powerdercoating, rebuilt fuel injection components for just about any vehicle with L jetronic injection, and a whole lot more.

You name it, we've got it.


New Products For March
 Ashtray 70-71 New
Ashtray 70-71 New
 Hatch Lock 70-78 New
Hatch Lock 70-78 New
 125 Amp Alternator for L4 Engines
125 Amp Alternator for L4 Engines
 Glove Box 70-73 New
Glove Box 70-73 New
 Brake Anchor 70-76 Used
Brake Anchor 70-76 Used
 Side Marker Light Gasket 70-78
Side Marker Light Gasket 70-78
 Side Marker Light 70-78 Assembly
Side Marker Light 70-78 Assembly
Blower Fan 79-83 Stock Used
Blower Fan 79-83 Stock Used
 Blower Fan 74-78 Stock Used
Blower Fan 74-78 Stock Used
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 Door Gasket Top 76-78 Right
Door Gasket Top 76-78 Right
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04.Fusible Link Cover 74-78
05.Boot For Brake Adjuster
06.Grommet, Floor Pan Dime size 70-78
07.Hose HVAC 74-89
08.Hood Side bumpers 70-78
09.Grommet, Hatch Rear 72-78
10.140 Amp High Output Alternator
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